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Students Upset Teachers in Student/Faculty Basketball Game
Yesterday the MS students beat the faculty for the first time ever. It was a close fought battle between both teams, but not without some controversy. As regulation time expired, the scored was tied forcing overtime. The faculty had the ball with 6 seconds, the score was tied and the faculty Head Coach, Joe Beam, decided against calling a timeout, instead relying on momentum. Video evidence shows several faculty players on the bench signaling for a time out. “We had a great opportunity, I did not think we should have called a timeout,” said Beam. They failed to score forcing overtime.
During the overtime period, again the score was tied as time was expiring. This time the students had the ball. They attempted a shot from half court in desperation, only to be fouled by Ben Kolb. “Admittedly I should not have contested the shot so closely and gave the ref an opportunity to call a foul, but that was all ball,” Kolb explained. With no time remaining on the clock, Jaquaz Lord sunk the first free throw and ended the historic game, sure to be remembered as the first time the faculty has ever been beaten.